Wrongful Death / Reasons for Pursuing Legal Action


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Loss of a Loved One – Wrongful Death – why you may need to pursue legal action:

The death of a loved one is difficult. When the death is sudden and the cause of an accident, it is even harder. Nobody wants to think of the financial end of the loss. One of the last things on your mind is about having to file a lawsuit. The thought of suing for money for your loss is almost sickening at first. Unfortunately, if the loss was due to the bad acts of someone else, and if the police refused to get involved, you may feel there is no other way to deter this act from happening again unless you do something about it. A lawsuit may be the only way to change the behavior of those who caused the death of your loved one.

Additionally, if your loved one was one of the primary sources of income for your family, you may have been put in a position where you have no choice. In order to pay the bills for yourself, your family, your kids, you must ask the company or insurance company for the wrongdoer to pay for the loss they caused. Many times it becomes harder to take care of family business because of the loss of a bread winner. Taking care of bills, college, children, all are put in doubt.

Our law office helps to find solutions to these financial issues in wrongful death cases. Lost income, support and companionship, funeral expenses, all are part of your claim.

The negligent or wrongdoing party who caused the death is responsible for payments for the death they caused. We can help to start putting the pieces of your life together again.

Experts can be hired to see what the financial impact has been to your family. Witnesses can be interviewed. Investigation into how the death was caused is done. Experts are retained to review reports, records, and circumstances surrounding the death.

Contact our office for a free consultation regarding the wrongful death of your loved one. If it was caused by negligence or wrongdoing, you can possibly obtain some sort of remedy.

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